Waffles, Cheese, and Beer: a Taste of the Netherlands

One of the best things about traveling to a different part of the world is the chance to sample some of the local cuisine.  The Netherlands is known for its cheese, but there is so much more to Amsterdam eats than Edam.   Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to enjoy in Holland as dishes traditionally considered North American delicacies such as burgers, pizza, and sandwiches are easily found in restaurants and the ready-made section of local grocery stores.

Enjoying a falafel wrap in Amsterdam.

One thing that does differ from North America are the restrictions  on genetically modified organisms, or GMOS. Currently, there are no genetically engineered crops in the Netherlands but certain GMO products such as soybeans can be imported from other countries.   As research into GMO and genetic engineering  continues, lawmakers have stated they will review the restrictions accordingly, with public opinion heavily influencing policy.

Back to the fun stuff: What I ate.  While in the Netherlands I indulged in stroopwafel, a thin syrup filled waffle that is sold pretty much everywhere in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Waffles in every form are featured prominently, especially in the more tourist heavy city of Amsterdam.  I’m not usually a beer drinker, but since Amsterdam is famous for its breweries I thought i would try a pint or two.   I also sampled North African, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine throughout the trip and was impressed with the variety of cultures that influence local Dutch dishes.

Tasty Treats
Friends enjoying a beverage in Rotterdam

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