Running In Amsterdam: Suburbs


A typical Dutch dwelling, complete with bike parking .

One of the benefits of cities designed for cyclists is the advantages it offers pedestrians and runners as well.   Although running in bike lanes is definitely not recommended, paved pedestrian paths are often adjacent to the lanes and provide those seeking to explore Amsterdam and Rotterdam on foot a safe and convenient way to experience the best the cities have to offer.  While in Amsterdam I explored the Amsterdam- Noord area surrounding the hostel as the narrow streets, constant bike traffic, and busy crowds of the downtown area did not appear to be very runner friendly.   Amsterdam- Noord is an up and coming area of the city that is in the beginning stages of condo development near the waterfront, but also includes many townhouse style dwellings that exist in contrast to the renaissance architecture of the historical downtown neighbourhoods.  I initially started my run towards the   Running along Van Der Pekstraat and exploring side streets and parks along the way I noticed most dwellings were either townhomes or mixed use residential and commercial spaces, all with ample bike parking.

A public school I ran by on one of my adventures.

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