Kattinkabinet: A Museum for Cats!

Cats are a familiar sight in Amsterdam.  Lounging in windowsills, prowling along the narrow streets, and even perched on houseboats and in cafes.   For the cat lover visiting Amsterdam Kattinkabinet is a must see attraction that is dedicated to cats and cat inspired art over the centuries.   Works by Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, and other artists adorn the walls of the museum which is housed in a canal side  renaissance building.    About five cats reside in the museum and can be seen darting through exhibits or basking in the afternoon sunlight in comfy chairs and benches.     Kattinkabinet was founded in 1990 by Bob Meijer,  who dedicated the museum to the memory of his favourite cat John Pierpont Morgan ( Yep, J.P Morgan the cat  is named for the famed American banker).

A portrait of J.P Morgan, the cat

Although there is a very obvious feline theme to the museum , non cat lovers can still appreciate the vintage movie posters, oil paintings,  and sculptures that span centuries and decades.    Many of the accompanying signage is in English and Dutch, so tourists can read the descriptions of the pieces and the artistic significance of the artwork. Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years and have lived intimately with humans all over the world.  Many painters were inspired by their own pets, or used cats symbolically in their works as representations of fear, the unknown, and fate.   Perhaps the reason artists choose to include cats in their work is much more simple :  They sleep 20 hours and day and barely move.  Making them the perfect model for a still life painting.

Cat:  Bringer of Chaos ( not the actual title of the painting)

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