Dam Tot Damloop; Dam to Dam

Dam Tot Damloop, or Dam to Dam, is a weekend long event that sees over 65,000 participants take part in running,walking, and cycling loops of varying distances across the city.   The Netherlands is an active country with infrastructure that supports events such as this.  On Sunday, September 18th when I was out for my run I passed by part of the 10 mile course that began at Amsterdam Central Station and ended in the town of Zandaam, just north of Amsterdam.  Passing by the loud music, cheering crowds, and enthusiastic runners was a great way to start my Sunday in Amsterdam and experience some of the local running culture.     As I looped back towards the hostel I decided to explore more of the area close to the water.  I ended up crossing a footbridge across a lock, and ended up on small road that led to a residential area, and also to the canal.  

This small cafe wasn’t open when I ran by, but it was a great place to see the many boats that travel through the Rhine.
A community garden I passed in Amsterdam Noord.  The surrounding apartment building contribute to the garden and help to maintain it.  
This man was singing and playing the harmonica, and also DJing , and also making announcements during the race.   

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