A Running Tour of Rotterdam Part Two : Het Park

Feeling a little tired and ready for some refueling, I turned south and headed back towards the hostel.  I decided to make one last detour before my much awaited snack and shower; Het Park, or The Park.  The Park features walking trails,  ponds, and extensive green space .   The Park is also home to the Euromast, the 185m tall tower that is the tallest in the Netherlands and is reminiscent of the CN Tower.   While running along the park trails I noticed that the water like many of the canals in Rotterdam was covered with a bright green algae blooms that made the water appear grass-like. Caused by the process of eutrophication which can be caused by the run-off from the land.  This decreases oxygen levels and can limit the biodiversity of the water body.  

It almost looks like a putting green!

The Dutch Water Board has implemented monitoring and control programs to study and reduce the blooms over time to improve the water quality of the local ponds and canals.       After an eventful afternoon of sightseeing it was time to do some cool down stretches and call it a day.   I always find that running while in a new place is a great way to destress and experience a ton of culture, sights, and sounds in a quick and fun way.

Het Park Sculpture

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